Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More Conroy Lies

I recently blogged about iiNet's correction of Senator Stephen Conroy's lie that iiNet supported the Internet Filter (aka The Government Does Your Thinking For You).  Now, Senator Conroy is either as prone to lying as Tony Abbot is or he is as clueless about the way the Internet operates as Sen. Ted Stevens is.

Now, whether Senator Conroy simply doesn't understand the way the Internet works or whether he's actively lying about things and making up stories to scare people into considering his Internet Filter will do some good, comments like this (“[If] you were doing a banking transaction, or transmitting personal information, they could have hoovered it up, sucked it up into their machine”) (Gizmodo) are utter bullshit.

I read this earlier this week on the website and was rather stunned to hear that sort of FUD coming from Senator Conroy.  But after more thought - and considering the FUD that he's spewing forth about his pet project - the Internet Filter - I'm not surprised.

And after reading a Facebook post by David Harcourt referencing that Gizmodo article, I felt that I also had to add some weight to this issue.


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