Wednesday, June 02, 2010

HP ROK & Hyper-V

After some unnecessary grief between HP and myself, we've now both worked out there's a new way to enable Hyper-V support for HP ROK media.  Originally, there was a file on HP branded Server 2008 x64 media called D:\Sources\$OEM$\$$\system32\HPVirtualOSE.exe that was needed to be run after Hyper-V was installed that enabled HP ROK media to be used in a virtual guest.  That's now changed.

Now there's a file in the same place on the HP-branded Server 2008 x64 media called D:\Sources\$OEM$\$$\system32\HPactive.cmd that does the trick.

Nice of HP to let their internal support staff know about this.

Now we all know about it - so this should save everyone the grief that I just went through with HP, and it should save HP the same grief.

There's going to be an additional post detailing the Easy Start-up CD issues that exist on an HP ML150 G6, but I'll again wait until that's resolved before posting.  Just a heads up - if you're installing the 2nd Server from WSBS2K8 SP2 on an ML150 G6, you can't use the Easy Start-up CD to install it as the installation fails dugint the "expand files" section of the unattended install in the WS2K8 SP2 x64 portion - you will currently need to install this host OS manually, then manually apply all firmware and drivers and install the latest HP SIM.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks I just had this problem. There was a moment of "Oh Bu&&#r" but I found your post straight away, you saved the day..

Anonymous said...

Same for me Thanks a lot.