Wednesday, June 02, 2010

iiNet Does Not Support Conroy's Filter

Just because iiNet has been involved in the consultation process for Senator Conroy's "let's waste taxpayer money on something doomed to failure and which definitely won't come close to doing what it claims to do" Internet Filter doesn't mean they support it.

Last weekend Conroy falsely claimed that iiNet supported the Internet Filter, and here's what iiNet had to say in response to that false claim.

I'm *all for* protecting children from the nasty parts of the Internet, but I'm *dead against* Government-forced censorship - we're not China.  It is a parent's responsibility to bring their children up as they choose to, allowing or disallowing access to certain things - and the society will support or disagree with their decisions, moulding the society it chooses to be.  The Government SHOULD NOT enforce copyright on its citizens in a free country.

Not to mention that this filter will not stop people "stumbling" upon kiddy porn sites - there's no way anyone can stumble on these - they aren't available on the web, they are available through encrypted, secured channels, ensuring the lowlife scum that access them isn't easily infiltrated by police and other law enforcement officials.  The Internet Filter will play no part whatsoever in limiting child pornography, which is the claim as to the reason for its existence.


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