Tuesday, September 02, 2008

WESS Tech Ed Pre-Day Post 3

11:07 and The Wayne is now on stage with Lingan, so here's hoping for some tech content to Tech Ed! :)

Basic SBS 2008 installation walkthru... :(

OK, we've also received some other information that's useful, especially The Wayne's "Touching Clients" tips. :) As for what it is, I'll wait for the slide deck so I can remember it. :)

Level 300 tech training? Nope. BUT at least it is a start and Robbie has managed to get MS.au to et this event to actually happen. I may not be overly excited by the low level of tech info in this training - mainly overview stuff and such at this point - but we FINALLY had Tech Ed realise SMB exists and needs to be catered for. That is a huge step forward.


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