Wednesday, September 17, 2008

October 2008 MAPS Shipment

As Robbie mentioned, the October 2008 MAPS shipment will contain both SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 - so we're actually going to be receiving product before our clients do, which is a nice change for MAPS.

Personally, I feel that EBS 2008 should have only been shipped to SBSCs as pretty much no Registered Members who are not SBSCs will be interested in EBS. It would have been an enticement for those Registered Members not already SBSCs to become an SBSC so they can participate in the SBSC community and gain a working knowledge of SBS 2008 and EBS 2008.

Apparently, we're also (finally) getting a copy of Windows Home Server 1.0 and the Terminal Server 2008 Licenses. The TS Licenses will be handy as we've already had Windows Server 2008 shipped (Standard, not Enterprise, meaning testing with multiple Server OS instances under Hyper-V is impossible) perviously without these Licenses.


The Outspoken Wookie

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Chris Knight said...

Excellent. Thanks for the info.

Now all we need to go with our TS 2008 licenses is a VL-ed Office 2007...