Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EBS 2008 hits RTM

The English version of EBS has finally hit RTM, as reported here. This means that both SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 will be hitting the shelves (officially) on November 12.

That's good news for all SBSCs worldwide who've been waiting for these new products - an update to SBS 2003 and a completely new mid-market solution in EBS 2008. (OK, not completely new, as this is replacing the badly cobbeld together Medium Biz Infra Server bundle, but seriously more integrated, enough to be called a new product, I'd think.)

So, both SBS and EBS will definitely be available for the Nov 12 launch party - woohoo!

For more information on EBS 2008, have a look at Ollie's EBS blog.


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