Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Pell vs Morality

As I posted recently on Facebook:

George Pell sues @CatherineDeveny over a (pretty funny) tweet: (via @crikey_news)

To me, if George Pell chose to pause there, it was his choice to pause there, creating the issue all on his own. Calling people in the catholic church out for the rampant paedophilia in the catholic church and its support for the paedophile priests instead of the children whose lives these paedophile catholic priests have ruined, when they leave themselves open like this on AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL TELEVISION in no way should be called defamatory.

It looks to me like George Pell is more concerned about how he himself looks after making a gaffe like this than how the raped children are helped.

Now it looks like George Pell has started something he never expected and something he and the catholic church lawyers won't be able to control.  For starters, they are now playing in the real world, not their fanciful world of scared children, brainwashed parents and mythical sky fairies - they are playing with Internet memes, real people with real, active minds who can and will use them for themselves and with people who don't bow, courtsey and bend over to the will of the catholic church.

Catherine Deveny is but one of a great many people who have continued the Internet meme that George Pell started with what seemed to be an intentional pause on Q and A during a comment about the catholic church preparing young boys which has turned out not only to be a clear Freudian slip, but something that the world at large has been gathering more and more anger about lately - the catholic church and their institutionalized protection of the child rapists that seem to be so prevalent amongst their ranks.  Why Pell decided to single out Cathering Deveny is not known, but I suspect it is may well be because she's an atheist, gay (Correction - I got that last bit wrong - please see the comments) and outspoken about the abuse that certain catholic church priests have perpetrated on once innocent children - he obviously doesn't seem to think that the catholic church should be treating its own priests like they exist in reality where there are acceptable morals and a functioning justice system.

After Catherine's carefully worded apology on her blog, George Pell stopped proceedings against Cathering Deveny.  Sensibly.  Likely because his legal team sought counselling from lawyers in the real world who let them know they didn't stand a real snowflake's chance in a mythical hell of succeeding and would only bring the catholic church into even more disrepute regarding their blatant refusal to have paedophile priests brought to justice whilst flagrantly wasting church money on stupid defamation cases.

For another look into this whole sordid mess that George Pell has created, a look at the video of George Pell stating he was involved in preparing boys... for holy communion and some good background on how the catholic church (and George Pell himself) fare regarding child rape here in Australia, have a read of Chrys Stevenson's blog.

The institutionalized child rape in the catholic church and the support of paedophile priests by people like George Pell and Joseph Ratzinger needs to be brought right out into the public spotlight.  Hopefully George Pell, as a result of the gaffe he made on national television, has created even more momentum in the movement to bring the catholic church to justice.  Sure, there are other institutions who have child rapists amongst their ranks, but the number in the catholic church and its appalling inability to see that these paedophiles need to be brought to justice so that those they have raped can start to recover from these horrific crimes really places it in a class all of its own.


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Anonymous said...

Catherine Deveny gay? Fag hag perhaps, but gay?

Hilton Travis said...

OK, maybe she's not gay! :) Either way, she's a lot of things the catholic church hates - female, successful, outspoken, atheist and able to use her mind to think for herself.

So sorry to all the girls hoping - looks like I was wrong about one thing. :)

Hilton Travis said...

This may well be worth watching in relation to the catholic churches' treatment of children:

Hilton Travis said...

This may well be worth watching in relation to the catholic churches' treatment of children: