Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NSFW: Radical Islamists Murder Two Homosexuals In Indonesia

WARNING - the video below contains extremely graphic violence and will definitely disturb anyone with a sense of moral justice

In Indonesia, muslims have taken to beating two gay men to death because their non-existent god, Allah, "told" them to kill these innocent men.  What a totally disgusting and senseless waste of life at the hands of extremists who believe in a god of mercy and love (according to this blog on muslim values).

This is disgusting, the Islamic religion needs to wake up to itself and start treating people like human beings and those governments around the world who can take action over this hate crime and similar ones performed in the name of the mythical "Allah" need to take action and take it soon.

WARNING: This is not safe for work.  Far from it.  It contains real life graphic violence.  It *IS* disturbing to see what a group of people can do to other human beings.

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