Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jewish Paedophiles

Just in case you thought I was only singling out the catholic church and their seemingly rampant paedophilia amongst their leaders, I thought it appropriate to bring to your attention some recent news about paedophiles in the jewish church, too.

Back on May 8th, The Age ran a story about Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner who told the parents of two separate boys that even though the church security guard, David Samuel Cyprys, had molested their children, the boys would not need counselling because they were under 8 years of age.  Now anyone who has had any experience with children who have been molested knows that this is utter bullshit - Yitzchok Dovid Groner was simply trying to cover his arse and get the church out of having to compensate or do anything beneficial for the children.  Oh, and Cyprys has been charged with 53 offences including 6 counts of rape.  Have a read of that article in The Age to get a full appreciation of what this paedophile (alleged) put children under his care at the Yeshivah Centre through.

Then, on May 15th, The Age reported that Rabbi Abraham Glick, a witness, has now changed his statement, under oath, to acknowledge that Groner had mentioned the names of two individuals to him in the early 2000s.  Isn't it amazing what tricks the memory can play on you right up until you're ittign in the witness stand after being sworn in?

Again, have a read of that The Age article to get a better appreciation of the way this molestation was mishandled by the Yeshiva Centre and the jewish church.

Molestation of the most vulnerable people in our society is a heinous crime.  Molestation of the most vulnerable people in our society by someone claiming to represent god (who is, of course, fictional anyway) is even worse - they are claiming to represent a god who loves and cares about them, and then they rape the children.  The molesters and those who faciliaated this crime should all be treated the same - the jewish church should be treated the same as any other church who gets found out to be raping the children in their care.  Anyone who rapes children or facilitates those who do are the lowest form of scum and need to be punished appropriately for their crimes.


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