Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aussies face $1.1m fines for data breaches

As reported earlier today in CRN, under proposed changes to the Privacy Act, stiff fines may well be enforced.  I'm all for "encouraging" Australian businesses to take data security seriously and I think this may well be a good step towards that end.

I'm also all for the ability to prosecute people who leave Wi-Fi access points open to all who wander past them - many homes are still in this situation.  If someone war drives, finds an open Wi-Fi access point that could easily have been locked down and then accesses illegal material across this connection, the person providing the open Wi-Fi access point needs to be held responsible for allowing this data access.  There's really no excuse.

I'd encourage you all to have a read of the CRN article for more information on the proposed changes.


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