Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catholic Church Chooses Child Rape Over Compassion

We all know how despicable the catholic church leadership is.  We know that in the past they have chosen to support paedophile priests and to refuse to provide not only sufficient protection for the children that parishioners leave in their care, but also suitable compensation for the victims of the crimes committed by their priests and nuns.  We would have assumed that, given the opportunity, they'd make amends and right the wrongs that are so prominent throughout their history.

But no, the Italian Bishop’s Conference (CIE) recently discussed the issue of child rape amongst their priests and did what only the catholic church could possibly do - they have told their bishops that they have 'no legal obligation to report suspected cases to police'.  And who do you think this particular conference is reportable to - that's right, the current Paedophile Supporting Pope - Pope Benedict XVI.

Yes, that's right - Joseph Ratzinger, who has been directly responsible in the past for ensuring child rapist priests are secreted off to another area of ministry or parish and the children victims are treated as poorly as could be managed has had the opportunity to have a conference that works under him take a good step towards ensuring the seedy history of the church gets rewritten for the future, but has chosen to continue the stealth and secrecy around catholic church rapist priests.

For more information on this particular point, have a read of this Secular Europe Campaign article.  In case you think this has been misreported, have a read of this article by the Catholic News Service.

So, the catholic church had every opportunity to start crawling out of the filth they have dug themselves into and have instead dug themselves another level lower.

And when you think that this is bad enough news for today, they go another level down the hole of filth into which they have put themselves.

It was reported in the Belfast Telegraph and elsewhere that the catholic church in Brazil has excommunicated the mother and doctors of a 9 year old rape victim that had a life-saving abortion, but not the stepfather who raped her.

Yes, you *do* need to read that again - the doctors and mother of a 9 year old child who was raped and impregnated with twins by her stepfather were excommunicated by the catholic church whereas the stepfather was given a stern talking to.

What sort of organization is the catholic church running here?  How can this sort of "misguided justice" be deemed to be anything other than appalling injustice?  How can a church claiming to represent an all loving creator treat children like this?  The fact that they use fear to get people to believe in this "loving creator" should also be something that gets investigated - not to mention that this creator is a complete myth, like all the rest.

The catholic church leadership has a LOT to answer for right now.  They are taking each and every opportunity presented to them to rub the face of the law and moral society into the filth in which the church itself is thriving in.  This is a disgusting organization and needs to be brought to *real* justice.

In Australia, there's at least a Parliamentary inquiry into the handling of alleged sexual and criminal abuse of children by religious and other organizations in Victoria as reported here (and elsewhere).  In addition to this, in NSW The Greens (political party) are seeking a Law change for the victims of abuse by clergy in the catholic church.  Personally, I feel that as they currently hold the balance of power in Australian Federal parliament they should be putting this on the table federally, not just in NSW - but it is a decent starting point.


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aussies face $1.1m fines for data breaches

As reported earlier today in CRN, under proposed changes to the Privacy Act, stiff fines may well be enforced.  I'm all for "encouraging" Australian businesses to take data security seriously and I think this may well be a good step towards that end.

I'm also all for the ability to prosecute people who leave Wi-Fi access points open to all who wander past them - many homes are still in this situation.  If someone war drives, finds an open Wi-Fi access point that could easily have been locked down and then accesses illegal material across this connection, the person providing the open Wi-Fi access point needs to be held responsible for allowing this data access.  There's really no excuse.

I'd encourage you all to have a read of the CRN article for more information on the proposed changes.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NSFW: Radical Islamists Murder Two Homosexuals In Indonesia

WARNING - the video below contains extremely graphic violence and will definitely disturb anyone with a sense of moral justice

In Indonesia, muslims have taken to beating two gay men to death because their non-existent god, Allah, "told" them to kill these innocent men.  What a totally disgusting and senseless waste of life at the hands of extremists who believe in a god of mercy and love (according to this blog on muslim values).

This is disgusting, the Islamic religion needs to wake up to itself and start treating people like human beings and those governments around the world who can take action over this hate crime and similar ones performed in the name of the mythical "Allah" need to take action and take it soon.

WARNING: This is not safe for work.  Far from it.  It contains real life graphic violence.  It *IS* disturbing to see what a group of people can do to other human beings.

Video Link


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Jewish Paedophiles

Just in case you thought I was only singling out the catholic church and their seemingly rampant paedophilia amongst their leaders, I thought it appropriate to bring to your attention some recent news about paedophiles in the jewish church, too.

Back on May 8th, The Age ran a story about Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner who told the parents of two separate boys that even though the church security guard, David Samuel Cyprys, had molested their children, the boys would not need counselling because they were under 8 years of age.  Now anyone who has had any experience with children who have been molested knows that this is utter bullshit - Yitzchok Dovid Groner was simply trying to cover his arse and get the church out of having to compensate or do anything beneficial for the children.  Oh, and Cyprys has been charged with 53 offences including 6 counts of rape.  Have a read of that article in The Age to get a full appreciation of what this paedophile (alleged) put children under his care at the Yeshivah Centre through.

Then, on May 15th, The Age reported that Rabbi Abraham Glick, a witness, has now changed his statement, under oath, to acknowledge that Groner had mentioned the names of two individuals to him in the early 2000s.  Isn't it amazing what tricks the memory can play on you right up until you're ittign in the witness stand after being sworn in?

Again, have a read of that The Age article to get a better appreciation of the way this molestation was mishandled by the Yeshiva Centre and the jewish church.

Molestation of the most vulnerable people in our society is a heinous crime.  Molestation of the most vulnerable people in our society by someone claiming to represent god (who is, of course, fictional anyway) is even worse - they are claiming to represent a god who loves and cares about them, and then they rape the children.  The molesters and those who faciliaated this crime should all be treated the same - the jewish church should be treated the same as any other church who gets found out to be raping the children in their care.  Anyone who rapes children or facilitates those who do are the lowest form of scum and need to be punished appropriately for their crimes.


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Friday, May 11, 2012

Public discussion enters the age of the uninformed

Now, I may not think much of Paul Keating as a human being, but he did well as the Australian Prime Minister.  One thing I admired about him was his ability to put his balls forward when he went anywhere and this is a good example of what we're now losing with our inability to treat the incompetent with the respect they so truly deserve.


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do We Heal Medicine?

In my quest to reduce wasted television hours and increase beneficial viewing/education hours, I've turned to TED, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.  TED started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences -- the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh UK each summer -- TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TEaD Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize. (That text was taken from the About TED page, by the way.)

Anyway, my breakfast TED this morning ended up being "How do we heal medicine" by Atul Gawande which is an excellent way to spend just under 20 minutes of your life.  There are a number of lessons in this presentation, but the biggest lesson I found was this:

In every field knowledge has exploded.  It has brought complexity, it has brought specialization and we have come to a place where we have no choice but to recognize as individualistic as we want to be, complexity requires group success.

This clearly isn't a message just for medicos, it is a message for any industry, especially for the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry.  Everything has become so specialized that the "sole trader" is pretty much left high and dry unless they are willing to work *with* other people in an organized fashion.


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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Pell vs Morality

As I posted recently on Facebook:

George Pell sues @CatherineDeveny over a (pretty funny) tweet: (via @crikey_news)

To me, if George Pell chose to pause there, it was his choice to pause there, creating the issue all on his own. Calling people in the catholic church out for the rampant paedophilia in the catholic church and its support for the paedophile priests instead of the children whose lives these paedophile catholic priests have ruined, when they leave themselves open like this on AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL TELEVISION in no way should be called defamatory.

It looks to me like George Pell is more concerned about how he himself looks after making a gaffe like this than how the raped children are helped.

Now it looks like George Pell has started something he never expected and something he and the catholic church lawyers won't be able to control.  For starters, they are now playing in the real world, not their fanciful world of scared children, brainwashed parents and mythical sky fairies - they are playing with Internet memes, real people with real, active minds who can and will use them for themselves and with people who don't bow, courtsey and bend over to the will of the catholic church.

Catherine Deveny is but one of a great many people who have continued the Internet meme that George Pell started with what seemed to be an intentional pause on Q and A during a comment about the catholic church preparing young boys which has turned out not only to be a clear Freudian slip, but something that the world at large has been gathering more and more anger about lately - the catholic church and their institutionalized protection of the child rapists that seem to be so prevalent amongst their ranks.  Why Pell decided to single out Cathering Deveny is not known, but I suspect it is may well be because she's an atheist, gay (Correction - I got that last bit wrong - please see the comments) and outspoken about the abuse that certain catholic church priests have perpetrated on once innocent children - he obviously doesn't seem to think that the catholic church should be treating its own priests like they exist in reality where there are acceptable morals and a functioning justice system.

After Catherine's carefully worded apology on her blog, George Pell stopped proceedings against Cathering Deveny.  Sensibly.  Likely because his legal team sought counselling from lawyers in the real world who let them know they didn't stand a real snowflake's chance in a mythical hell of succeeding and would only bring the catholic church into even more disrepute regarding their blatant refusal to have paedophile priests brought to justice whilst flagrantly wasting church money on stupid defamation cases.

For another look into this whole sordid mess that George Pell has created, a look at the video of George Pell stating he was involved in preparing boys... for holy communion and some good background on how the catholic church (and George Pell himself) fare regarding child rape here in Australia, have a read of Chrys Stevenson's blog.

The institutionalized child rape in the catholic church and the support of paedophile priests by people like George Pell and Joseph Ratzinger needs to be brought right out into the public spotlight.  Hopefully George Pell, as a result of the gaffe he made on national television, has created even more momentum in the movement to bring the catholic church to justice.  Sure, there are other institutions who have child rapists amongst their ranks, but the number in the catholic church and its appalling inability to see that these paedophiles need to be brought to justice so that those they have raped can start to recover from these horrific crimes really places it in a class all of its own.


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