Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Vatican Protects Child Abusers (Again)

In what's seemingly a never ending run of Ratzinger-related protection of Catholic priest pedophiles, WikiLeaks has released information about the Vatican refusing to support any investigation in Ireland of Catholic priest pedophiles.  Typical, isn't it?  Ratzinger values these filthy, scum-sucking pedophile priests more highly than the children's whose lives they have ruined.  Way to go Pope!  :(

This article was just published, and along with others about the same topic, brings into more light the darkness that's infesting the Catholic church under the leadership of their Pedophile Promoting Pope.  Ratzinger was the person involved in ensuring these filthy lowlives didn't get found out nor prosecuted before he became Pope, and now he's the leader of this mythical culture known as the Catholic Church, he's effectively enshrining pedophile priests into the culture of this church.

Apparently, priests are people in positions of respect and power.  I thought these people were supposed to be representing their god.  I didn't know that the Catholic/Christian god was a purveyor of vile acts upon children and a suppporter of those who perpetrate and support these acts.  I must have been mistaken.


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