Wednesday, December 22, 2010

BPOS Botch

I received this notice from BPOS in my email this morning with the following information: "As a Microsoft Advisor Partner, we would like to inform you of a Service update that is being sent to BPOS – Standard customers today.  The attached email will go to all subscribers of the BPOS - S Suite as well as Exchange, SharePoint and Lync Online."
Microsoft recently became aware that, due to a configuration issue, Offline Address Book information for Business Productivity Online Suite Standard customers could be inadvertently downloaded by other customers of the service, in a very specific circumstance. The issue was resolved within two hours of identification, and we completed a thorough review of processes to prevent this type of issue from occurring again. Our records indicate that a very small number of downloads actually occurred, and we are working with those few customers to remove the files.

This issue applied to Offline Address Book information only, and no other information was affected. The Offline Address Book contains an organization’s business contact information for employees. It does not contain Outlook personal contacts, email, documents or other types of information. For more information on the Offline Address Book please visit this link:

This issue affected only Business Productivity Online Suite–Standard customers; no other Microsoft Online Services were affected.

No action is required on your part. Because we take our responsibility to safeguard customer information very seriously we wanted to inform you of this issue.

Your organization has obtained Microsoft Online Services from a Microsoft partner. Please contact your partner if you have questions.

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