Thursday, October 21, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Launch

A friend of mine, Alan Burchill (Group Policy MVP) waited in line (alone for quite some time) this morning for the Telstra Store to open so he could buy a Windows Phone 7 device.  Ultimately by the time the store opened, there were a total of 6 (six) people queued for the opening and launch of Windows Phone 7.

Unfortunately, the Brisbane store didn't have any Windows Phone 7 handsets - maybe they didn't think they'd be popular enough to bother with for the launch day?  It seems they were right - a 6 person queue for the latest new thing from Microsoft - how the mighty have fallen (under the "leadership" of Steve Ballmer).


The Outspoken Wookie


Hilton Travis said...

OK, so Alan has now said "final number was more like 12". I wonder how much like 12.

All up, a resounding failure.

Microsoft seems not to have managed to even get the stores interested - and it's not just Brisbane's Telstra Store as this was also reported by @techAU Wow #WP7 launch is not going well.. Just called @Optus Albury store, they haven't been told anything by Optus and don't have any WP7 devices - let along the end users.

I honestly feel sorry for Alan to have waited from about 6AM at the Telstra Store just to be disappointed by the whole fiasco. Microsoft has a lot to answer for here.

Hilton Travis said...

@madroo RT @alanburchill: @telstra ANGRY!!!! Jason (the manager) at Queens Plaza is refusing to sell phone outright! And they only have 3 in stock.

Hilton Travis said...

@GTRoberts @alanburchill @HiltonT Not too bad considering theres been NO public advertising at all