Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Limited User Rights

Why (oh why) are applications that are being written in 2010 (currently it is Beta 2) unable to run as a Limited User?  This is an application, not a system-level utility.  It is a product that allows me to stream audiovisual content from a number of sources to a number of online and/or locl locations - there's **NO NEED** at all for the product to be written with such poor programming practice that it won't run as a Limited User.

As it stands right now, when run as a Limited User it requests the original MSI file (which of course was not supplied, only an .exe (and yes, of course, I can extract the MSI from the installer, but this makes no difference)), fails to read it as valid, therefore fails to re-install whatever it's looking for (both because it can't read the MSI file and also because as a **LIMITED USER** the program doesn't have Local Admin rights, then errors out claiming to have a "Fatal error during installation".  I was trying to run an already previously installed and activated product, not install it.

Due to this being a beta release, I'll be nice and not mention the name in this post so that the company developing the product can fix it without being named and shamed.  But if this issue exists at the release of the product, they will be named and shamed.

This is 2010 people, not 1990.  Secure, proper programming practice dictates that APPLICATIONS are written to the program folders and USER DATA is written to the data folders - and that regular applications DO NOT require local administrative rights to run.


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