Monday, July 19, 2010

I recently blogged about the Exchange sync issues that Apple introduced with iOS 4.0 and the unsigned fix that was initially released to "address" this issue.  "Address" because it masks, not corrects the issue that Apple caused.  Anyway, there's now an updated "fix" for this issue - a similar masking attempt, not a real attempt, but it can be found here.

Now, this "fix" requires that you're running iOS 4.0.1 - the "we'll replace the overestimated signal strength bars with a meaningless video" iOS update.  You know, the one that was released to "fix" the iPhone 4 antenna physical design flaw.  The one that cannot be fixed by software - only by a recall and release of iPhone 4 R2.  ;)

And, of course, as I check this all just before posting this blog post, the signed "fix" isn't available for download, despite the Apple KB article linking to their own fix...  I wonder if Apple is employing people who used to work on the Microsoft Website now?  :)


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