Friday, June 11, 2010

Woolworths and Visa/MasterCard Debit

Woolworths has decided to limit the way we can purchase goods from them - they no longer accept Visa Debit nor MasterCard Debit transactions - you need to use EFTPOS or cash.

Woolworths is claiming that the 6.6c/transaction they are charged for this is high and unnecessary.  This is the same amount (afaik) that they are charged for the use of a Credit Card and really close to what they are charged (again, afaik) for EFTPOS transactions.  Have you seen the merchant fees on an Amex Card lately?

Does this make me want to buy goods from Woolworths?  Nope.  We have an Aldi as close to us as Woolworths is, and until they start dictating how we can buy goods from them, I'm going to be relocating my Woolworths purchases to Aldi.

The 6.6c/transaction they save will never be offset by the loss of money from all of my goods purchases, nor those many others who are doing the same thing - vote with your wallet!


The Outspoken Wookie


Steve Reid said...

Aldi is much cheaper anyway!!!

pkrespanis said...

I thought that you could still use them but had to use your pin code and select whether chq or savings account (the one the card is attached to).

Hilton Travis said...

G'day Peter,

Yes, you can use the CARD, not the Debit Card functionality. They are forcing you to use EFTPOS or Credit Card. I'll take my money to where it is valued - and that's currently not at Woolworths!