Tuesday, June 01, 2010

RIP David Houston

It is a sad day when we lose a good human being, and we've lost David Houston after a long battle with health issues and a really shit run of bad luck. David's work with SMB IT in Ireland and around the world will be remembered for a long time. His enthusiasm for the community will too.

He was a good friend, a great bloke, and will be sorely missed.

If you haven't already, please have a beer for him.

RIP Dave.


The Outspoken Wookie


Scott Cayouette said...

David was a good friend whom I only knew in e-mail or though the phone and on skype.

He worked tirelessly in the SBS IT Community and often while he was confined to a hospital bed too.

David assisted me as the Worldwide co-chair of the SBSGroupLeads since 2006. His advice, enthusiasm and contributions will be very much missed not just by me but by everyone who got a chance to know him no matter where they had the opportunity.

It is a Sad day for us in this community and a very Good Day for the IT Community in Heaven as they just got a New Saint...in my humble opinion.

God Bless You...David Houston. May your example and effort be a shining light to ALL of Us in the future.

Goodbye for now...until we meet again my Friend!!!

Susanne Dansey said...

Well said T *cheers*