Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iPad SIM Plan Comparison

Not that I can see a use for an iPad - no Flash, no multitasking, no camera... but for those who can, here's a comparison by Lifehacker on 27 May 2010 of the iPad SIM Plans that were available at that date.

Now, be aware that these plans will change often and widely and that your location and the location you'll use any mobile device will weigh heavily on the provider(s) you can consider.  Also recall that the iPhone 3GS, the iPad and the upcoming iPhone 4 are all quad band devices, so will operate on 850MHz (Telstra regional), 900MHz (Optus and VHA regional), 1800MHz (not used in Australia) and 2100MHz (Optus, VHA and Telstra metro) bands.


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