Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Dumb Get Dumber

I was sent this by a friend:

I don't watch Fox News (which is more opinion and show biz than news) because it makes me apoplectic, and I can't reach through the TV and slap people like Palin...

The US' First Amendment is the Right to Free Speech.  It is a good right to have (that we here in Australia don't have, by the way).  That's what allows the dumb to keep oozing from Sarah Palin's mouth.  I respect her right to be dumb and still exercise her right to the First Amendment, but I *wish* she'd just go back to shooting foxes instead of speaking on Fox.  :)  (Yes, that's a bit of literary looseness there, but you get my meaning...)


The Outspoken Wookie

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