Monday, May 31, 2010

Vail & Aurora - Next Versions of WHS and SBS

If anyone wants to see what's going to be replacing the current Windows Home Server and SBS 2008, can I suggest that you have a look at the new Vail Beta and get your hands dirty with it.  :)

Now, remember that Windows SBS 2003 and WHS were built on the same code base, based upon Windows Server 2003 (well, parts of WS2K3 R2) and that SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 were built on the same codebase of Windows Server 2008.  EBS was killed off just as EBS R2 (for lack of a real name) was about to be released and Microsoft claimed that it was killed by the cloud (oh, really?) and SBS 2008 is going the same way - there will be no R2.

Vail - the recently released replacement for Windows Home Server and Aurora - the sometime (soon, maybe) to be released replacement for SBS 2008 - will also be built on the same code base - especially considering Microsoft's Home and Small Business Server team are involved in building both products.  At least Vail has been made available for public beta - Aurora is still totally under wraps.

I wonder if Nick King, Senior Product Manager in the Windows Server Business Group and Adrian Maziak, Senior Program Manager in the Home and Small Business Server team at KoolAid Central are going to give us *anything at all* when they come to speak to the SMBiT Professionals and other SMB IT folks in  Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide during June, 2010.  Registration for this event, by the way, is free and required so we know the numbers to expect at each venue.

And yes, Jeff Middleton (Mr Swinger) will also be making his way down with these Microsoft folks and I believe will be heading over to Perth to present to the SMBiT Professionals group over there, too.


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