Sunday, May 30, 2010

Deciphering Intel Core CPU Numbers

Intel's Core CPU Processor Numbering isn't obvious - there's Core i7 CPUs with 4 cores and also with 6 cores, some have dual channel RAM and some have triple channel, and then there's the i5 and i3 ranges.  And then there's the mobile variants!  FFS, can't these guys come up with something that makes *ANY* version of sense to a sane man at a quick look?

I think not - well, not since they dropped their clock speed linked CPU numbering, which made a lot of sense to a lot of sane people.

So, here's my attempt at explaining Intel CPU Numbering:  Confusing jibberish.

Now, here's a slightly more detailed attempt:

CPU SeriesModel Series# Cores# ThreadsCacheSocket TypeDie SizeTurbo Boost# RAM Channels
i7 Desktop Extreme980X61212MBFCLGA136632nmYes3
i7 Desktop Extreme9x5488MBFCLGA136645nmYes3
i7 Desktop9x0488MBFCLGA136645nmYes3
i7 Desktop8x0488MBLGA115645nmYes2
i5 Desktop7x0448MBLGA115645nmYes2
i5 Desktop6xy244MBFCLGA115632nmYes2
i3 Desktop5x0244MBFCLGA115632nmNo2
i7 Mobile Extreme920XM488MBPGA98845nmYes2
i7 Mobile8x0QM488MBPGA98845nmYes2
i7 Mobile7x0QM486MBPGA98845nmYes2
i7 Mobile6x0244MBBGA1288
(620M also PGA988)
i5 Mobile5x0243MBBGA1288, PGA988 (varies)32nmYes2
i5 Mobile4x0243MBBGA1288, PGA988 (varies)32nmYes2
i3 Mobile3x0243MBBGA1288, PGA988 (varies)32nmNo2

There are (obviously) some other differences, such as VT-d, TX and AES New instructions between the CPU models, however they *all* have VT-x - the ability to support hardware-based virtualization.  For more detailed specifications on these processors, click on the link for their CPU Series.


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