Monday, January 04, 2010

SSD vs SSD vs SSD vs Velociraptor

OK, here's one of the best comparative reviews I've seen on any technologies in quite some time.  Tom's Hardware recently compared an Intel X25-M G2 160 GB SSD, a Transcend SSD25D 64 GB SSD, a Kingston SSDNow V-Series 64 GB SSD and a Western Digital Velociraptor 300 GB hard drive (running at 10,000 rpm).

Now, we all know SSDs have a number of advantages over hard drives, yet high-rpm hard drives have some wins over SSD.  So, this review won't stun you with the facts you already know, but it does give a good balance of synthetic and real-world benchmarks.  And the results, while not anything you'd not expect, are still well worth looking at.

So, if you're considering an SSD for your system, take a wander through this review before you drop cash on a card.


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Was expecting a real velociraptor.