Sunday, January 10, 2010

Births and Deaths on Jan 8th

Well, the Thin White Duke (David Jones, aka David Bowie) had his 63rd birthday on Jan 8th and Elvis Presley would have been 75 on that day.

Gumby's creator, Art Clokey, died on Friday, aged 88. I must say that of all forms of animation, stop motion clay animation is by far my favorite. Were it not for Art's pioneering work, we'd not have the likes of Gumby (obviously) but also Wallace & Gromit - my all time favorite animated characters and Shaun the Sheep. (Sure, some of this is CG now, but it is still based on the look and feel of stop motion claymation.

And the computer game "The Neverhood" which was a claymation game released by Dreamworks in 1996 was an amazing game.


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Chris Knight said...

+1 on Wallace & Gromit and also Shaun the Sheep.

My 1.75yo and my 3yo both like Shaun the Sheep. Little do they know I didn't buy it for them! :-) Same with my Pixar collection (which I really need to get up to date - missing Ratatouille on, nd looking forward to Toy Story 3!).

Hadn't heard of The Neverhood - will have to check it out.