Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Australian Facist Party

It appears that The Australian Facist Party - or at least one of its elite members, Senator Stephen Conroy - has managed to twist the arm of the auDA into deregistering a website - http://www.stephenconroy.com.au/ - because it contained the most sane and technologically literate Senator's name.

Now, auDA has policies that need to be complied with, sure, and the owners of the site had phenomenally limited time given to them to prove that they complied before the site and domain was taken off the air.  A variant is now available at http://www.stephen-conroy.com/ where an article outlining the recent actions is available on the main page.  It also has a YouTube video that someone seems to have shot with a hidden camera in Senator Stephen Conroy's office when this website was brought to his attention.  :)

If you're interested in an organization that will aim to protect sensibility, freedom of culture, the protection of civil liberties and inalienable rights of the nation's citizens and to protect the freedoms of the newly evolging global information society, you may want to have a look at http://pirateparty.org.au/.


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