Friday, October 23, 2009

Parallel Importing Of Software Into Australia

The following is my reply to a question on one of the Australian SMB IT Professional lists about the legitimacy of parallel importing software in light of the difference in price of Windows 7 (and other Microsoft software) as set by Microsoft Australia and that set by Microsoft US:

Actually, the Copyright Act 1968 was amended on 15 April 2003 by the passing of the Copyright Amendment (Parallel Importation) Bill 2001 to allow for the parallel importation of software. See here for a copy of the Bill as it was presented to Parliament. The Amendment’s Schedule 1, as related to software importation contains a number of items of relevance here, especially Item 12 and Item 19. The current Copyright Act 1968 with these Amendments (and others) applied, can be seen here – take special note of items 48E and 198A.

Remember that Microsoft has made Windows 7 downloads available for purchase through the Microsoft Store – I don’t know if non-Americans can buy through this store, but that would alleviate the one possible concern that Richard had below – the slower delivery time.

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