Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Microsoft: Music Piracy Is Acceptable

In a Microsoft "Discover Windows 7" function last night, Jeff Putt, the Director of Windows Client for Microsoft Australia gave us a demonstration of Windows 7 where he explained that no longer, when hearing someone else in the house playing a song you like, do you have to go and copy the file with a USB key and then put it on your computer, but using the new Windows Media Player and a HomeGroup, you can simply browse for that song in the other person's Music Library and play it.

Now, I don't know what Microsoft calls this, but APRA and other bodies call it "piracy".

That was a rather disappointing thing to hear coming out of the mouth of Microsoft and something that Jeff should be embarassed to have said.  I don't expect him to comment in here and make a public apology for promoting piracy, however.

Another really embarassing thing was the constant talk from the vendors about the environmental considerations in Windows 7, then they hand us all a non biodegradable plastic bag with a whole pile of handouts printed on non-recycled paper.  That was a little wrong, if you ask me, and a perfect opportunity that was totally missed.


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