Monday, October 26, 2009

Exchange Server 2007 SP2 on SBS 2008 - Update

Exchange Server 2007 SP2 on SBS 2008, as reported earlier, doesn't install cleanly.  Microsoft has released a KB article with the steps required to get Exchange 2007 SP2 to install and what to do with all the things it breaks.  Have a good read through this, then read it again.

First, test it on your test SBS 2008 box, make a backup, make another and then make a third for good measure, then install the update as per the KB article and check all of the post-install issues.  Once this has been done and you're comfortable doing this, you may wish to do it to production servers.

I'll be looking into this later this week hopefully (time permitting) and will report back with anything I find that needs reporting.  :)


The Outspoken Wookie


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you are advocating SP2 at this time? A need? Otherwise why not wait until the SP2 installer wrapper that will be out more towards the end of the year?

Hilton Travis said...

Yeah, because it contains a BUNCH of security fixes. If you follow the steps in the TechNet article, it seems to work - I've tried it twice now in test environments. I'll give it one more burl and then do it to our own production server and see how it stands up in the real world.

As I said, the SBS Team seem to have really dropped the ball here.