Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apollo 11

This morning I was sitting here watching the STS-127/ISS EVA #2 that's continuing work on building the ISS as well as listening to the Apollo 11 mission audio in real time (well, real time but 40 years after the fact).

Now, as has been widely publicised recently, NASA had overwritten the original Moon landing tapes during routine tape reuse due to limited funding. If only someone had thought to have a Historian employed at the time... Hindsight is normally 20/20! :) The footage that's currently being restored and enhanced was located, if I recall correctly, in Perth, Western Australia.

One sad note in the 40th Anniversary celebrations is that Walter Cronkite, the broadcast journalist that much of the 600 million people watching the Moon landing were listening to, unfortunately died on July 17, 2009 - just a few days before the 40th Anniversary of the first Moon landing. Walter Cronkite was also well known for his broadcasts of a number of other historic events.

So, as I sit here in Brisbane, Australia watching live, streamed vision from the STS-127/ISS and listening to the Apollo 11 audio, all I can think of is the words of the gorgeous and effervescent Patience Hodgson when she once said "Science is Golden". :)


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