Monday, June 01, 2009

Weird Zealand

OK, most of us have by now heard of the Rotorua couple who asked Westpac for a $10,000 loan and when they went to look after it was approved, they noticed a slight clerical error - Westpac had instead deposited $10,000,000. So they skipped town and are believed to be currently enjoying a (probably) short holiday somewhere in Asia.

Sure, we can all understand that and many of us would probably do the same thing (or at least not mention it for a month or so and then insist that Westpac at least credited us with the interest even if they did withdraw the additional $9,990,000 from our account).

But that was the least weird thing that seemed to happen in New Zealand last week.

Have a read of this article for an update on our weird little neighbor. :)


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