Wednesday, May 06, 2009

SBS 2008 Disable MAPI Clients Warning

According to TechNet, "if the Exchange Server Analyzer finds that the Disable MAPI Clients key does not exist, a warning is displayed. However it fails to mention that in SBS 2008 (at least) if this key exists, a warning is also displayed.

Basically, a warning is displayed whether this key exists or not. That's not a bad thing - the warning message lists the versions that must be enabled for proper Exchange functionality and links to the aforementioned TechNet article which lists all the MAPI Client versions from Outlook 97 SR1 through to Outlook 2007 RTM. The article fails to list Outlook 2007 SP1 (12.6315.5000) and Outlook 2007 SP2 (12.6423.1000).

If you wish to allow proper Exchange functionality and block all access to your SBS 2008 box by any version of Outlook prior to Outlook 2007, then the following information is what's needed in this key (HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\ParametersSystem and the string value is called "Disable MAPI Clients") is:


If you want to also allow Outlook 2003 clients, then the key should read as follows:



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