Tuesday, June 03, 2008


OK. So as I've started walking and cycling (not enough, but better than not at all) and have finally started getting my vivariums (or is that vivaria) ready to get some snakes after I get back from the WWPC in July, the final thing that I needed to do was to start cleaning up some of the hoarded crud I've collected over the years.

So, I cleaned out the equipment/server room yesterday - I threw out a 2 MB memory board for the Amiga 500, an RLL hard drive controller for an Amiga 500/1000 (both of which brought back memories of an absolutely brilliant computer for its time) and a lot of other miscellaneous crap. I figured the best way to do this...

Up until now, I have always thought "is there a possibility I may need this?" and the answer is almost always "yes" to that question. So I kept it. As of now, the question has changed slightly, to "is it likely I may need this?" and the answer has changed significantly, with the answer now being almost always "no". So it gets dumped, recycled, given away or otherwise disposed of. This doesn't mean I throw out everything I come across, just the stuff I won't actually use! :)

So, what does this mean? Well, right now, it means we have a usable room once again! We have a totally clean desk in there and a totally clean floor (well, almost - there's a few things on it, but neat and tidy things now) which is a first for this room. It also means I need to continue this until I've completely finished and not stop halfway through the process - there's more than just this room that needs the same process applied to it.


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