Monday, November 10, 2014

Azure Needs To Be Introduced To 2012

I'd *REALLY* like to know how, if Microsoft is pumping so much time and energy into Azure, it cannot handle the VHDX format, let alone Generation 2 Virtual Machines from Hyper-V 2012?  I mean, we're now in 2014 and have the Windows Server 10 Technical Preview available to us and Microsoft still can't handle .VHDX files in their Azure virtual machines!

This is slack.  Really slack.  It means that even though we who use on-premises Hyper-V Servers can use the current Microsoft technologies for all of our current-release guests, we cannot do it using their Azure platform.  It means that we cannot even upload our virtual machines nor use SCVMM and replicate our Gen 2 VMs into Azure.

Come on Microsoft - bring the Azure infrastructure up to your current generation before you get severely left behind yourself! :(


The Outspoken Wookie

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