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OK, so I'm sick and tired of visiting various sites to find the APNs for the carious 3G/4G providers our clients use at work and at home, so here's my own list...

Provider3G/4GAPNAccount typeCommentsURL
Aldi business use - see 1.4.1.d here.Aldi Mobile
ApexN3GOptus based plansApexN
Bigpond3G/4Gtelstra.bigpondUsername and password required
Mainly personal use - see 1.1 here.BoostMobile
Exetel3Gexetel1PremiumOlder Optus-based plans
Exetel3GconnectStandardNewer Optus-based plans
Exetel4GyesinternetNew Optus 4G plans
Best optionOptus
Use if "internet" doesn't workOptus
Pacnet3GinternetStatic IPOptus infrastructurePacnet
Pacnet3GpacnetStatic IPOptus infrastructurePacnet
Telstra3G/4Gtelstra.internetBusiness accountThis is the Telstra 10. private NATted network. Code is "GPTCOMB3".
Telstra3G/4Gtelstra.iphAny account typeThis is their "iPhone" APN. Call and ask for the "GPDWLES3" code to be added to your account.Whirlpool
Telstra3G/4Gtelstra.extranetBusiness account (10 digits)This gives you a real, usable dynamic IP. Call and ask for the "GPTEXB3" code to be added to your account.
Telstra3G/4Gtelstra.corpBusiness account (10 digits)This is for Telstra Wireless IP WAN users. Call and ask for the "GPCORPB3" code to be added to your account.
Vodafone3G/4Glive.vodafone.comThis is NATted on the networkVodafone
Vodafone3G/4Gvfinternet.auThis gives you a real, usable dynamic IP.  Or so it appears.  But it is NATted through still.  Ggrrrr...
Voicetalk3Gsplns357Try getting any sense out of VoiceTalk!

There are some other sites out there with useful collections of APN configuration information:
Whirlpool APN - Access Point Name


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