Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Islam - The Religion Of Intolerance

I posted this on Facebook back on 20th September, 2012:

There is no chance now that a muslim can claim that islam is a religion of love and peace and expect anyone to take them seriously. Islam is showing itself to be a religion of hatred, intolerance, massive overreaction and extreme violence.

To all the moderate muslims out there - WHY are you not standing up and taking back your religion from these fundamentalist whack jobs? The longer you leave this sort of lawlessness and insanity ruin your religion, the harder it will be to get out from under them when they call on you to support their fundamentalist ways. The time is now and will soon pass. Take action, take control, or lose all hope of being seen as different from these people.

And now, just to prove my point, the fundamentalist Taliban goes and does this:

Yet one more show of extreme violence from those who represent the islamic faith.  Time is fast fading for the moderate muslims to take their faith back.  The problem is that when they try and stand up to the growing fundamentalist uprising in their own faith - that uprising who values fear, intolerance, hatred and the ultimate power this brings - those representing the fundamentalist side of their faith murder them.  In what way is that a religion of peace and love?


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