Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Toowoomba, Oct 6th, 2012

Toowoomba Carnival of Heathens

Just a quick note to let anyone who is in or around the Toowoomba region on Saturday 6th October, 2012 know that there will be a marriage equality rally - Love Is Worth Fighting For - at Frog's Hollow in Queens Park (corner Margaret and Hume streets) from 1PM - 4PM.  This will be a family friendly event with a sausage sizzle, some stalls and face painting for the kiddies.  This is a drug and alcohol free event.

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Also, after this event we'll be having a Critical Thinking get together at Fibber's/Fitzy's from 4:30PM until, well, what time do they close?  :)  This will be the inaugural meeting to establish a community of skeptical/rational/secular/humanist/critical thinkers in Toowoomba so that we can help those who feel that evidence-based thinking is getting the short straw in Australia (and around the world).

This meeting will be an informal get together so that people can see that they are not the only person who feels similarly to how they feel and so that we can work out a time and place to hold future meetings on a regular basis.  This is clearly not an alcohol-free event! :)

I'll be there, as will Ronnie Williams (of the NSCP High Court Challenge fame), Chrys Stevenson (of Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear fame), Jane Douglas (of Putting Her Oar In fame), Emily Dye and a number of others.  Feel free to come along and discuss your thoughts, feelings, frustrations and drink choices with a friendly bunch of critical thinkers. :)


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