Saturday, September 22, 2012

ACT - 90% Renewable Energy By 2020

I just sent the following email to both the ACT Environment Minister Simon Corbell and also the Chief Minister Katy Gallagher in response to this article in the Canberra Times - thanks to for bringing this to my attention:

As a Queenslander who has just had the misfortune of witnessing our incoming government dismantle not only our previous ALP government's Solar Dawn Program and the Solar Bonus Feed-In Tariff, but numerous other green schemes, it is encouraging to hear that in the ACT, the future is being considered with much greater care than has recently been shown here.

I would like to congratulate you on your ability to make quality calls about the future of the Territory's energy requirements.  This is a good step towards a saner, more manageable and more responsible energy plan for Australia.  I believe the WA government is looking seriously at biodiesel - another area that we Australians need to take a much closer look at, as well as other algae-related fuel and material sources.

With the current global warming we're seeing, someone has to take action.  Australia's Carbon Tax is a small step in a long. long journey and clean/renewable energy will not only help reduce our reliance on CO2 producing energy sources, but will also reduce the other emissions we generate from our energy production that we then need to breathe back in.  The LNP's position here in Queensland that the Carbon Tax that the Federal ALP has enforced on Australia will make further research and development of clean and green energy sources redundant is, to put it politely, utterly ridiculous.

So, again, congratulations on seeing what's needed for both the ACT and Australia and taking steps to implement these practices.


The Outspoken Wookie

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