Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Catholic Church Sex Abuse

In case anyone missed it, the recent ABC Four Corners episode that investigated the catholic church and its handling of sexual abuse cases is available for watching online.

Four Corners seeks to address the issue that the catholic church is asked these days on a regular basis:

"The Catholic Church says its response to cases of child sex abuse should be compassionate, that abusers should be brought to justice and that concealing the truth is unjust to victims.

But does it follow those principles?"

Have a look at the show and make your own mind up - but the answer is very, very clear:

"In Victoria the Government is holding a joint party inquiry into the way religious and other non-government organisations respond to sex abuse cases. The Government was pressured into holding the inquiry after the release of a police report that criticised the Catholic Church's handling of abuse issues. The confidential police report revealed that the Church had known about a shockingly high rate of suicides and premature deaths but had "chosen to remain silent".

There is now a growing demand for the Federal Government to hold a national inquiry to assess the true extent of sexual abuse by all church groups and to assess the programs that have been put in place to assist victims and deliver them compensation."

This is a disgusting and disgraceful organization that protects child rapist priests and leaves the children who they ruined to their own ends - and those ends often lead to self-harm and suicide.

If you believe that a Royal Commission into the catholic church (and other NGOs) is needed to actually get the situation brought out into the daylight and handled properly, I suggest you sign the petition on Change.org asking for a Royal Commission into what's happening with our children.


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Hilton Travis said...

When a catholic priest rapes a child who then goes on to commit suicide - which is a highly likely outcome looking at the figures - should that rapist priest be tried for murder? Not that I'm religious (in any way) but they should be held accountable to their "god" for the suicide of that person.

They should be held accountable to society for their heinous crimes of rape as well as the death of these unfortunate victims.