Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bickfords Political Stunt Backfires

I just sent the following to

I just thought I had better write to let you know how disappointed I am with your company's participation in Tony Abbott's political stunt to oppose the carbon tax.  I have been a long-term Bickford's Lemon Barley Water consumer and as of this stunt, I am now an ex-Bickford's consumer.

As a responsible Australian and citizen of planet Earth, I fully support the Australian Government's efforts to reduce the effect that human activity may have on global warming and Australia's lead in this is something that other nations need to take a serious look at.  Your participation in Tony Abbott's political stunt is a clear alignment with a political party having little understanding of climate change and in particular, anthropogenic climate change.

I will post this letter to my blog and Facebook to ensure people understand how I feel about this issue and about your political alliance.  I know of others who are doing the same and I trust that more people will, too.


The Outspoken Wookie


Anonymous said...

"Australian Government's efforts to reduce the effect that human activity may have on global warming" -


What? When? How? How soon before we see a benefit?

To what extent will it make a difference globally?

The apparently many other places that have been doing this already (EU, others ?), what has been the extent of their efforts & what impact is their efforts having?

At least you're honest enough to admit "may have" ..

One thing's for sure all the other places that have implemented similar taxes are experiencing significant financial disadvantage as a result of their ventures into this questionable political tax-revenue raising venture.

Hilton Travis said...

Anonymous, although you will never likely read this, do you have any evidence to back up your claims that other countries who are also trying to reduce emissions by taxing the emitters are suffering financial difficulty? Australia sure isn't, and Tony Abbott has gone strangely quiet now he realises that his whinging and moaning not only had no effect, but that the Carbon Tax has been far from the chain around Australia's neck he was claiming it would be.

... or would you rather we sit idly by and watch the world suffer because we wouldn't take a stand?