Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Indian Religious Insanity

I had a read of http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2081078/Facebook-Google-ordered-remove-anti-religious-content.html and really wonder about the sanity of anyone who, in 2012, still believes in gods, goddesses, fairies, astrology and other mythology and - more to the point - believes that censoring some Internet sites in one particular country, whilst claiming they are not trying to smother free speech, so that inappropriate references to these mythological creatures will be removed is not only possible, but even logical and/or sensible.

The Indian IT Minister, Kapil Sibal, states "There were some demeaning, degrading, clearly pornographic depictions of gods and goddesses which no reasonable, sensible person anywhere in the world would accept, on any site."  Now, I'm sure that on Reddit and various comedy and pornography sites, many reasonable, sensible people would see this and accept it as a matter of more than acceptable free expression by some people.

Personally, although I wonder how any reasonable, sensible person can believe in myths such as gods in 2012, I don't find depictions of gods banging each other (or other things) particularly amusing, however I cannot see why such images should be censored.  They are, after all, images depicting mythological, non-existent beings - somewhat like the explicit cartoons of Meg and Quagmire or Barney and Wilma getting busy.

The United Nations, back in July 2011, issued a new statement on the extent of freedom of speech under international law. It says that laws restricting blasphemy as such are incompatible with universal human rights standards.  So, this whole issue in India is going against the UN's Human Rights Statements.  Go India!  (Read more on this Statement here.)


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