Friday, August 05, 2011

It Seems The Jews Hate Paedophile Laws, Too

Along with the Catholic Church and Ratzinger's protection of the paedopholes instead of the children, it seems that the Jewish faith has also just taken a stance on the wrong side of morality over this issue.

Rabbi Yosef Feldman seems to have told the Australian Jewish News that he seens no reason that when something as serious as child molestation is reported, it is necessary for their church to take this to the "secular authorities" (otherwise known as the Law - the same Law for everyone in this country, that is).  Have a read of The Age for more on this vile story.

Now, before anyone gets all hot and bothered that I'm being anti-semitic, realise that this is your children these guys don't want to protect.  The same as Ratzinger's doing.  And I'd be equally as outraged if I found out any secular organization was promoting the rights of the paedophole over the rights of the child.


The Outspoken Wookie


Charie Dawn said...


AHands-off paedo said...

No danger of paedophiles getting any rights though, is there? Can you define what a paedophile is, by the way?

Hilton Travis said...

AHands-off paedo, if you don't know what's considered paedophilia, then you need some serious counselling. For an adult, sexual activity with a minor is paedophilia - it is pretty clear. The Jewish church following the catholic church down the "I don't see why we shold have to report our paedophiles to the law as we can handle it privately" is a disgusting way to handle a problem that ruins many people's lives.

Anyone who supports paedophile activities needs to be treated the same as the paedophiles as they are helping them ruin people's lives just as much as the paedophiles themselves.