Saturday, June 04, 2011

Human Dignity Campaigner Dr Jack Kevorkian Dies At 83

The well known campaigner for human dignity, Dr Jack Kevorkian, died on Friday 3 June, 2011 in Michigan, after being admitted to hospital suffering from kidney and respiratory problems.  Dr Kevorkian had spent many years of his life dedicated to allowing humans to die with dignity when their death would otherwise be unavoidably painful and messy.  He spent 8 years in a Michigan jail for these "crimes against humanity" as some have called this compassionate exercise.

I've always wondered why we can afford a level of dignity to our pets and other animals that we legislate against for humans - it makes no sense to me.  Oregon seems to have seen the sense in allowing humans to die with some dignity and have, thanks to the efforts of Dr Kevorkian (and others), enacted the Death With Dignity Act which protects assisted suicide as a legitimate medical practice.

There's a difference between being alive and not being dead and maybe this is time to reflect on what this difference actually is, out of respect for the one man who brought this to the attention of the law makers.


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