Wednesday, April 06, 2011

ShadowProtect Restore Issues

Thanks to Tony for bringing to my attention this blog post from Philip Elder regarding issues around restoring Windows F^HFista and WS2K8 images that were previously made using ShadowProtect.  This is also quite possibly an issue also with Win 7 and WS2K8R2 - I'm not 100% sure here, though the BCDEdit results do look similar to those in F^HVista and WS2K8, so I'd be placing money on this also being an issue

I'd suggest placing this script on the ShadowProtect IT USB key and running it on any F^HVista/WS2K8 (and Win 7/WS2K8R2) machine before taking an image.

StorageCraft is most likely working on a fix to this issue right now, especially considering Acronis' True Image has already addressed this.


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