Friday, February 04, 2011

What to drink in this heat?

Aside from plain old water (which is quite acceptable as a drink), here's some comparisons for some drinks you may be looking at on a hot day.

(NOTE: Not all drinks are available in the same sized package, so to be fair I've used the standard "Average Quantity per 100mL" figures on the Nutritional Information Panel of each product for this comparison.  Please also note that a number of these drinks also contain other nutritional information that I haven't included here purely for table width constraints.  Finally, the RDI figures I use are probably as accurate (see also here) as those used on various products and are for an "average adult" which many people are not, so your personal RDI may well vary from this figure.)

The reason I did this is because I was amazed at the amount of sugar in Gatorade and Staminade (and likely Powerade) which I usually drink one of and then a water.  I'd likely be better off drinking a Coke Zero and having a handful of apricots and prunes now that bananas are off the store shelves (or there at CRAZY prices)!  :)

Tot Fat
Sat Fat
Recommended Daily Intake (Avg Adult)8700507024310903023003800
Water (Mount Franklin, Still)000000050
Water (Schweppes Soda)000000050
Mizone (Passionfruit)490002.82.80< 50
Gatorade (Orange Ice)1030006605122.5
Staminade (Lemon Lime)1060006.16.1037.718.4
Nutrient Water Endurance - Ribose & Ginseng8500055-0-
Coca Cola18000010.610.60100
Coke Zero1.4.05000.100110
Diet Coke2.05000.100150
Pepsi Max2.50.100000140
Lemonade (Schweppes)19600011.311.3015-
Bundaberg Pink Grapefruit192< 1< 1< 111.311.3-9-
Mother (Lemon Bite)19700010.510.5052-
Red Bull960005.75.4040-
Red Bull (Sugar Free)700000040-
V (Green)195< 10010.610.60110-
V (Sugarfeee)6.4000< 0.1< 0.1050.6-
Berri Apricot Nectar 25% Fruit Drink231< 1< 1013.813.408-
Berri Apple Mango Banana Juice189< 1< 1010.510.20.28-
Coles Lite Milk (UHT)1993.
Fat Yak (4.7% alc)1690003.4000-
Pure Blonde Naked (3.5% alc)10900.101.100--
Pure Blonde Platinum (4.6% alc)1380001.400--
Pure Blonde Premium (4.6% alc)1250000.900--
Toohey's Extra Dry (5% alc)1610002.500--
Toohey's Old (4.4% alc)156000300--
XXXX Bitter (4.6% alc)1520002.700--
XXXX Bitter Light 2.3% alc)990002.600--
XXXX Gold (3.5% alc)1200001.900--
Jim Beam White & Cola (5% alc)209000660--
Wild Turkey & Dry (8% alc)3320007.900--


The Outspoken Wookie


Keira McIntosh said...

But there's no wine?

Hilton Travis said...

Yes, I did notice that glaring omission, however I've not seen any wine with a Nutritional Information Panel on the back. I'll look around for some to see if I can find any or anywhere that lists the breakdown.

If you have some of this info, by all means let me know and I'll add it. :)

(There's also no Sambuca on the list, which I feel is also an oversight!)

Chris Knight said...

There's no Cholesterol column either...

How hard is it for people to just drink water, seriously?

Hilton Travis said...

That's because there's no cholesterol figures in the NIP and I'd be a little concerned with the contents of any of these drinks if they contained any cholesterol! :)

Andrew Eglington said...

Try Harvey Fresh Carrot Juice on ice.
I've tasted some delicious things before, but I could drink this stuff continuously all day. Actually I sorta do.

Hilton Travis said...

Carrot juice is nice - this looks interesting. It is a pity they don't bother putting a NIP on their website for any of their products. :(