Monday, January 31, 2011

Crucial SSD vs Momentus XT SSD/HDD

After updating my Wookie Experience (well, ok, Windows Experience Index) page with Nick Hodge's updated General Melchett system, I had a bit of a look at the Crucial CTFDDAC SSDs and was a little surprised by their active (ie, non-idle) power consumption.  Now, as there's rarely any agreement on which specs to release on different products, there are a number of holes in this table comparing the Crucial CTFDDAC 2.5" 256GB SSD, the Momentus XT 2.5" Hybrid 500GB HDD/SSD and the Samsung HD103SJ 3.5" 1.0TB HDD, but you get the idea...

SpecCrucial 2.5" SSD
Seagate 2.5" Hybrid
Momentus XT
Samsung 3.5" HDD
Idle Power0.094W0.8W6.3W
Standby Power0.4W1.0W
Spin Up Power1.0A2.2A
Read Power2.1W2.4W7.2W
Write Power4.3W2.3W7.2W
Avg Seek Power2.2W6.7W
Avg Operating Power1.1W
Sound Level Idle0dB23dB27dB
Sound Leel Seek0dB26dB29dB
Operating Shock1500G350G300G
NR Error Rate1 sector in 10^14 bits1 sector in 10^15 bits
Avg Access TimeUnder 0.1ms
Avg Latency4.17ms4.14ms
Avg Seek Time11ms8.90ms
Random Read Seek11ms
Random Write Seek13ms
Sequential Read (Max)355MB/sec (6Gb/s)
265MB/sec (3Gb/s)
Sequential Write (Max)215MB/sec (6Gb/s)
215MB/sec (3Gb/s)
To Host Rate (Max)300MB/s300MB/s
To Media Rate (Max)123MB/s250MB/s


The Outspoken Wookie


Alan said...

I have a momentus XT and it does not rate any more that 5.9 on the index... The driver is a big dissapointment. I now have a standard Momentus and it is the same speed. I put this down to a number of factors...

1. Does not support NCQ (at least not very well)

2. The Flash usage is auto-magic meaning if you use a virtual machine your driver could be optimising for you virtual computers not your host computer.

3. Its only 4gb flash...

I wish it was better... but the standard moments seems to be just as good...

Hilton Travis said...

I wouldn't expect the WEI to be affected at all by the 4GB of SLC cache in the Momentus XT. I *would* expect that with regular use, the Momentus XT would be faster than a Momentus.

Massive differences in performance are not going to be obtained with these first version hybrid hard drives, maybe if there's a few hundred GB of SLC, that would help, but not just a few GB.

I do know that my XPS15 with a Momentus XT feels snappy, however I'd need to perform *IDENTICAL* operations on 2 different XPS15 units - one with a regular 7200rpm 2.5" HDD and one with a Momentus XT - to be able to give any truly meaningful comparisons, but I have more important things in my life than doing that! ;)

Anonymous said...

The windows experience index for the hybrid drives is not accurate. 5.9 is lower than it should score. Although a hybrid, it is still predominantly an HDD rather than an SDD. The Windows experience index rating does not account for this 'inbetween' technology. That being said, it would still not score as high as a decent SDD.

Hilton Travis said...

Yes, Anonymous, I'm aware of this, however I'm simply reporting here what the Windows Experience Index results are, not making excuses for its lack of thoroughness. :)

I agree that hybrid drives offer better user experience than plain HDDs and far less than SSD.