Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brisbane on 12 Jan 2011

Here's an update of what's happening in and around Brisbane today...

Sewage treatment plants upstream of Brislantis have been inundated by water, which has resulted in raw sewage pouring into the Brislantis River - so don't think about going swimmin in it for quite some time... (not to mention IT IS FLOODING you idiots!)

A bull shark was found this afternoon in a flooded street in Goodna, near Ipswich.

The XXXX Brewery in Milton is flooded, too!  :(

Riverside Place

Brisbane CBD

Western Freeway near Seventeen Mile Rock Road

West End


Yup, it's not looking all that good.  We're lucky (so far) here at Coopers Plains, however later this evening/tomorrow morning we're expecting to see water from the creek behind our place making its way onto our property.  Suncorp Stadium is also completely flooded up to about 3 rows of seats from the field - and all the basement in there will be totalled by now.  I've not seen it, but I'd imagine Ballymore would also be completely flooded, too.


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