Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pop Quiz: What Won't Cap'n Bligh Sell?

Our soon-to-be-ex-Premier, Cap'n Bligh, has a laundry list of assets that Queenslanders once owned (or will soon be sold) and Queensland Motorways has now got a tick in the "Sold" box.  Cap'n Bligh sold it for AU$3b (the lower end of the estimated price she was lookin gfor when it was originally placed on the market) to Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) a Government owned Corporation.

Another example of a Government Owned Corporation is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation - and we all know how far down the gurgler that's gone this past decade or so, especially under John Howard's mismanagement of our country.

I'll say it here so everyone knows my feelings - don't be surprised if you drive into NSW for a few days and upon your return you see a big fence at the border with an "Excavation" sign on it and when you look through the fence, the top 3-4 meters of Queensland has been sold off to the highest bidder.

Cap'n Bligh's already sold off a 99 year lease on the Port of Brisbane for a measley $2.3b and will be aiming to do the same with the Abbot Point Coal Terminal - but for significantly less.

I wonder what Queensland will look like in 100 years?  Probably a lot less like Australia than it does now. Thanks Cap'n Bligh - now, at the next election, you can just FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!


The Outspoken Wookie

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