Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I "Pray" For The End Of Religion

I can understand why, until a century or so ago, people needed (as in felt the need, not *actually* needed) to believe in some form of bearded sky fairy to explain the unexplainable, however since then (actually, since before then) we've been getting a lot better at explaining natural phenomena that were previously in the realm of the "supernatural".

As we've been able to build on previous discoveries, theories and experiments to come up with better and better ones, we're getting further and further away from things that remain as yet unexplained.

The more we understand our environment and the universe in which we live, the less sense any form of "supernatural" being makes and the less "need" there is for one.

Oh, people will still believe - it is amazing the things that some people are willing to accept because someone once told them it was true - but there's no proof that the Christian god is more true than the Hindu gods, nor the Islamic god, nor the Taoism Immortals, nor the Sikh god, nor the Zoroastrian Creator, nor... You can see where I'm going with this.

There are hundreds of gods. Most people don't believe in most of these gods, and not everybody believes in your god (whomever that may be). The difference between us is that whilst, like you, I don't believe in any of these other gods, I also don't believe in yours - our lists are *almost* identical, it's just that I add one more god I don't believe in.

There's no proof any god exists, and there's no proof any "supernatural" beings of any sort whatsoever exist. With machines like the LHC, we're dispelling more and more of these myths as we gain more and more knowledge of our surroundings. I "pray" for the day when mankind will drop the facade that is religion and will stop hating on each other for reasons that don't exist.


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