Saturday, November 06, 2010

Future Directions Of Technology Seminars

Well, the first of these seminars was run in Brisbane on 1 November and received quite positive feedback from attendees.  The next two will be Monday (Alice Springs, 8 Nov) and Wednesday (Darwin, 10 Nov) then Cairns (15 Nov) and Mackay (16 Nov) and then we're finishing up in Toowoomba on Thursday 25th November.

More information about the seminars can be found at - the seminars are focussed at SMB owners and contain as little techno-brain-explode language as we've been able to whittle it down to.

We're also looking at catching up with local SMB IT folk in these regions so we can see what SMBiT Professionals can do to be of assistance to them.  There are a lot of SMBs in regional Australia and the SMB IT companies supporting them could find that membership of ANZ SMBiT Professionals could be of benefit.  The more regional members we have, the more regional services, meetings, seminars and training sessions we will be able to participate in - it also means that vendors will have much more easy contact with these regional members, making it easier for these members to form good relationships with a number of SMB-focussed vendors.

So, if you're in one of these regions or if you know someone in one of these regions who could benefit from these seminars, please have them look at the site and register on EventBrite.

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