Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cap'n Bligh's Popularity Sinks

Apparently Cap'n Bligh's government is reeling at the news that their popularity is at an all-time low.  Personally, I cannot understand how they find this news anything other than utterly expected.

Cap'n Bligh has been selling off Queensland's assets including Qld Rail, Port of Brisbane and pretty much anything else she could find a buyer for- luckily Qld Motorways couldn't find a buyer (after the total financial failure of the Clem 7 Tunnel project).

We've been waiting for a long time in Queensland for a decent opposition to arise and it looks like, even though this hasn't yet happened, the pitiful opposition that exists may finally have a chance of winning power.  John-Paul Langbroek, the current LNP leader, is still not the preferred LNP leader (according to recent polls), so he has to be very careful in the remaining time leading up to our next election in just over a year.

The current appalling polling of Cap'n Bligh's government has nothing at all to do with the federal government results in the recent election - she was losing popularity long before then and her government's poor performance did badly effect the last federal election for the Labor Party.

Out of interest, yes I willingly voted for Peter Beattie's Labor government in the past.  Anna Bligh's Labor government, however, is toxic for Queensland and there's no way I could vote for them.  Any Queenslander who doesn't want to see the entire State dug up and sold off to the highest bidder (whilst speed cameras replicate throughout Queensland like the rabbits that we're desperately trying to keep out) needs to have a long, hard look at what Cap'n Bligh's government has been doing to our State before casting their next vote.


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Politics are very tricky and that's why I try not to deal with them too much but you make good points.